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Our Office Team is the first point of contact for any enquiries (including Edulink) or urgent matters on 01732 373 500 or

If you need to submit an absence notification or request for an absence, please contact our Attendance Team and email us at

For any other enquiry, please email the relevant contact below:


Admissions (Year 7, 12 and in-year)


Finance (School Trips, Parent Pay)

Examinations Office

Student Services - SENCO:

Miss N Williams-Jones and Ms S Waight (Tonbridge) (Sevenoaks)

Student Services - Family Liaison Managers:

Mrs K Reed and Mr David Hall (Tonbridge) (Sevenoaks)

Student Services – Nurse:

Mrs S Brown and Mrs Y Clarke (Sevenoaks) (Tonbridge)

Senior Leadership Team

(including Headteacher and Deputy Headteachers)



PTA Chair - Mrs S Goodwin

PTA Treasurer - Mrs K Pendlebury

PTA Secretary - Mrs Krishnamurti

PTA Events

Heads of Year - Pastoral  

Head of Sixth Form:    Mrs B Swaffer  

Head of Year 12:         Ms J Reed – (Sevenoaks)

Head of Year 11:         Mrs R Sherlock – (Tonbridge)

Head of Year 11:         Ms J Reed – (Sevenoaks)

Head of Year 10:         Mr S Harriss – (Tonbridge)

Head of Year 10:         Mrs A Smith – (Sevenoaks)

Head of Year 9:           Mr O Morgan – (Tonbridge)

Head of Year 9:           Mrs A Smith – (Sevenoaks)

Head of Year 8:           Miss E Morris – (Tonbridge)

Head of Year 8:           Mr T Toolan – (Sevenoaks)

Head of Year 7:           Miss A Cooper – (Tonbridge)

Head of Year 7:           Mr T Toolan – (Sevenoaks)

Heads of Department - Academic  

Art:                              Miss K Bennett 

Biology:                       Mr R Creavin 

Business/Economics (A Level): Miss M O’Neill

Business/Economics (A Level): Mrs L Colbear

Chemistry:                  Mr K Walsh 

Computer Science:     Mr M Seabrook 

Design Technology:    Mrs E Walter 

Drama:                        Ms Y Letchford 

English:                       Mrs S Creak 

Food & Nutrition:        Miss E Theobald 

Geography:                 Mr M Simmons 

History:                       Miss R Proctor 

Mathematics:             Mr L Cartwright 

Media Studies (A Level): Ms A Cope 

Modern Foreign Languages: Ms N Philpott 

Music:                        Mr J Crowhurst 

Physical Education:   Mrs R Northcote 

Physics:                     Mrs S Wicks 

Philosophy (A Level): Mr S Blinkhorn 

Politics (A Level):       Mr L Blakebrough 

Psychology (A Level): Ms S Butler              

Religious Education:   Mr S Blinkhorn 

Sociology (A Level):    Ms S Butler